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Why would anyone waste their money on monitoring fees? They already have the best monitors they could possibly have. Their friends and family who quite frankly tend to monitor some times a little to much. With a medical elderly monitor from Personal Senior Monitor everyone involved will have peace of mind. Making this senior health monitor system

 the easiest and fastest way for elderly family members or those with medical conditions to call for help in times of distress. Personal Senior Monitor alert system relies on those that you most trust with your safety. Your loved ones. When the emergency pendant is activated, this “Medical Alert monitor  sounds a siren and calls four predetermined numbers of your choosing, Family, Friends, Neighbors even the local Police or EMS.

 This Alert System gives you the freedom you deserve to live your life the way you want to without spending a fortune on alert monitoring fees NO Contract

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This site is all about letting you or your loved ones live their life the way they want to but at the same time being assured that our emergency System will be able to get help when they need it. Personal Senior Monitor has a system that can do just that with “No Monitoring Fees”

Make safety a priority

Preventing Falls for the Elderly 


Here are some helpful suggestions for reducing fall-related injuries in the home.

Place all lamp, extension, and telephone cords out of the flow of traffic.

 Make sure all small rugs and runners are slip-resistant.

Make sure that there is access to a telephone if you fall, or experience some other emergency, which prevents you from standing or reaching a wall phone.

Place small stoves and heaters where they cannot be knocked over, and away from furnishings and flammable materials, such as curtains or rugs.

Have your clothes properly altered, so that you cannot trip on a pant leg or gown bottom.

Make sure that hallways, stairways, passageways between rooms, and other heavy traffic areas are well lit.

Clear exits and passageways, so that there is nothing to stumble over.

Equip your bathtubs and showers with non-skid mats, abrasive strips, or other surfaces that are not slippery.

Install at least one, but preferably two, grab bars in your bathtubs and showers.

Make sure that the steps in your stairway allow for secure footing, and that the coverings on the steps are in good condition.

Be sure that you can clearly see the edges of the steps, and do not store anything on the stairway, even temporarily.

Use a sturdy, step stool to reach high shelves. Never stand on chairs, boxes or other makeshift items

We here at Personal Senior Monitor are dedicated to supplying you the most efficient and least costly method to help you keep your independence. Everyone needs the peace of mind knowing that you will be able to get help in a crisis. We can make that happen with a elderly monitor from Personal Senior Monitor. Please check out all the information on this site.


More adults 65 and older die from fall-related injuries each year than from any other kind of injury, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A recent report from the CDC found that one in three older adults requires hospitalization for a fall each year, with a broken hip being the most common and serious injury. "Hip fractures can really mark the beginning of the end for seniors," said Judy Stevens a CDC epidemiologist. "It can lead quickly to decline and death."